A New Class Means a New Class Color!

For the history of World of Warcraft, different classes have been visually distinguishable in various UI elements by the usage of a specific color that is unique to each class. For example, three different WoW classes can be identified by just glancing at the three following images:

(Mage, Paladin, and Rogue)

Yesterday, we announced the next class that will become a part of the visual feast of WoW classes, the Evoker, and we’ve defined a unique color for Evokers:


It looks like this:

And in raid frames alongside the other classes, it looks like this:

We’re looking forward to incorporating the new Evoker class color into every place in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight where it belongs.


wow (10 chars)


I was guessing it might be bronze maybe, so a brown/orange mix thing. That looks nice though.


I was expecting more of a #ff5641 kind of colour since there already is 2 green classes but this works i guess

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Oooo always exciting. Tasty!

Ah, I thought this was going to be a vote :stuck_out_tongue:

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i was more into a light red than a dark green but why not

i was hoping for black. but its alright i guess


Im color-blind anyway but looks awesome:)


It looks good. I like this color. :slight_smile:


Feels too close to monk imo.

Kinda looks like a Monk out of range. Might be a better idea to use one of the other colors that don’t already got a duplicate.
Like a different shade of red or maybe a silver/gold? Some is bound to have a hard time distinguishing the three green classes.


mean us dark green color drakthyr us hunter belov green light color but blue is better can see each class for drakthyr color

I’m not sure about a third green coloured class. I already find it quite hard to distinguish between Rogue & Hunter colours at a quick glance


I can work with another grey colour. Why are we all grey?

Surely it makes more sense to make them bronze which is the superior flight.

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Bronze Dragonflight propaganda.
It’s pretty well known at this point that the Black Dragonflight are indeed the best Dragonflight

looks a bit too close to Hunter, Monk and Mage for my liking. there’s only so many distinct colours so it’s inevitable there’d be some similar but it’s odd that so many are
maybe they should be patterned or something… which class wants stripes and who wants polkadots?

Could have been dark grey or dark brown. But this seems different enough i guess. I only hope this new class wont be another god-level mibility zig zag batman style. Something more to the ground.

I thought it was going to be black.