(A) New to Silvermoon, 2 Players LF Friendly, Social Guild


Hi all, my bf and I recently moved to Silvermoon and are looking for a friendly, social guild to join. We would like to join a guild that is quite active, but doesn’t expect us to be online 24/7.
We’re only casual players, usually doing general PvE content, dungeons, some mythic+ and the occasional bit of PvP. The opportunity to raid at some point would be a bonus, but due to work we may not be able to attend raids 100% of the time, so we would need some flexibility on this if possible. We would prefer to be in a guild that uses either the in-game voice chat or Teamspeak. Discord is a no for us.
If you think your guild can offer us anything like what we’re looking for, please leave a message here. Thanks :slight_smile: