A night elven priestess of the Light?

I’ve posted this topic in the US-forum, but I am interested to see what the EU-forum has to say about it. I am also ready for angry night elven fans. Bring it on! Anyway…

The general concept is pretty simple: A young novice of the Sisterhood of Elune who lost her faith in the goddess in the aftermath of the Burning of Teldrassil. She was wounded during the evacuation and brought into the cathedral, where the priests tended to her with the Light. While living among the humans the feeling of compassion, the feeling of the Light being there for her during her darkest hours, calming her, warming her while Elune seemingly abandoned the kaldorei results in her slowly turning to the Holy Light for spiritual guidance.

And yes then the night warrior came. But, not after praying for help but demanding justice and without it the goddess might have not even helped. And what kind of blessing is it in the first place turning the High Priestess into a vessel of pure hatred and revenge and slowly and steadily killing her. What kind of blessing is the goddess giving her subjects? Meanwhile she would look over to the Lightforged: Their vigor, their strength and unwavering faith even when their ‘God’ shattered, their immortality. Truly a blessing worth receiving.

This young initiand would start a journey across Azeroth, trying to learn more about the Holy Light like its tenets, its rituals and prayers, the differences of the institutions: The Church of the Holy Light, the Silver Hand, the Argent Crusade, the draenei obviously, maybe even some blood knights.

She roams these lands in search for enlightenment. Maybe she can already call upon the Light. Nothing major, only healing a small scratch or being able to smite a rat she’s new to the whole thing after all. But, the important part is that the Light indeed answers her, which motivates her to continue on this untrodden path.

Part of this idea is obviously inspired by the Fall of Quel’Thalas (well Teldrassil is Quel’Thalas 2.0) with how the high elves too lost their faith in the Holy Light for abandoning them only to return to it later. And yes it is somewhat of a “snowflakey”-RP-concept. Not something I would probably roleplay…maybe?

But, what do you think? I want to make it clear here: No, I do not want the races of the Alliance to get further streamlined into now all following the same religion. In fact I love it that the night elves have their own thing going for them and I am all for more diversity and internal conflict.

It is however an interesting question.

I don’t remember which, but I had some similar thoughts on one of my characters (not this one, I think, but I thought it fitting to reply on a Night Elf priestess:)

It seems like you’ve thought about this already, but be careful that it doesn’t seem like the character’s decision was quickly or easily made.

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