[A] Night Knights - Late night raiding guild

Hello and welcome to Night Knights, a late night raiding guild.

We have two main purposes:

  1. Create a WoW Vanilla like community where everyone helps each other
  2. Provide a stable raid environment for its members who wish to raid in a later than normal schedule

Goal #1 is the most important for us. We want to create a relaxed environment where everyone enjoys the game at their own pace. We have among our ranks veteran vanilla players as well as new people who are experiencing classic for the first time and we want to provide them with an environment which mimics vanilla’s forgotten times as closely as possible.

As for goal #2, we are still in the process of recruiting people with the goal of creating a solid core for raiding in a few months. The schedule is not finalized yet, but the initial aim will be to raid twice per week from 22:00 to 01:00 server time. With time we’ll see if this schedule fits most and adjust if needed. We won’t be hardcore so you don’t have to justify if you can’t make it to the raid. Of course it will be better for everyone if we can keep both raids happening every week, but let’s not forget that real life is the main goal for everyone here.

If you’re not level 60 but want to raid when you are, feel free to ask for an invite now. We are also accepting social members who do not wish to raid but want to be part of a friendly community.

If you have any questions or want to join the guild, just contact me here or in game.

See you around.

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Great idea! This would be absolutely perfect for me, but I’m on Horde :disappointed:.

If I ever roll an Alliance alt I will definitely whisper.

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15 years ago*

You are correct. Bad math!

First post edited with a proper recruiting message.

Which classes/spec do you need the most at the moment?

Hey there. At the moment we honestly need all. However what we lack most are healers right now.

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