[A] Nine Stones LF Active players for Raiding

Nine Stones is looking for active players for our raiding roster.
We are looking in general for active players to do regular raiding each week with as few pugs as posible.

We are a casual, mature guild with prim 30+ of age players with IRL in focus.
Skill level is moderate and above.
We are all oldschool semi/hardcore raiders from vanilla to BFA.

We raid Friday and Saturday, 22:00 servertime and 3-4 hours each time, depending on clear speed.
Our main focus is 10M HM runs each reset in P2.
And moveing to P3 we will be hosting 10M and 25M raids with the main focus of getting both 10 and 25 M content on heroric farm.

We are looking for players who fit into this schedule, and where skill level is moderate to high.

If this sounds like anything you would like to do or need more info.
Feel free to contact us ingame.
Everyone is welcome.

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