A note from Dina

Hello, for some i am known to be a ninja looter, for some i am known to be a nice girl. And to be fair, I like to be both from time to time, depending on your performance during PvE. If you don’t want to play normally, can’t do your rotation and don’t understand that if you can dispel a polymorph when asked nicely, and be a douche that you can’t even say grats to your party members when they ding to 50. Which I did today. then screw you.

Heard the horde is less stupid in this regard, still want to kill them once i get to 60… for my STV experience.

Also, I do a lockpicking service at stormwind and iron forge from time to time, to help people out, it’s free and will always be any tips are also appreciated. :wink:

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Horde is not less stupid, it’s different. Hordies are toxic and attacking only less numbered or weaker enemies, and allies are autists, incapable for even basic communication.

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Explain how 13 level 60 allys and ally guards all ganged up to kill me the other day in SVT when I was ganking it up there close to the bridge in dusk wood boo hoo its dark that means its scary plz we have tirisfal glade thats the scariest zone, becuse we hordes are tougher then allys lol

I did it because I want to see how big number I can get from my sword.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, Dina this isn’t a divorce… you aren’t entitled to your groups loot just because they don’t meet your weird little standards.