[A or H] 473 Balance druid 5/12M looking for a late night raiding guild

My guild is disbanding sadly and I’m looking for a new home. I’d like something a little more casual than to be a hardcore raider. I value friendship in the game more than any progress but I do want to see where we could push as a guild.

I am currently on Silvermoon as Alliance, but I might be willing to move to Horde, depending on the group of people and progress.

I can raid from 22:30 ST and onwards.

To reiterate the title, I’m a 473 balance druid main with a healing off spec that’s around 469.

Bnet: Screameh#21154

Hi Ayavel

Lunae is an alliance late night guild on Silvermoon and we could have a balance druid on our team since we don’t have any. Feel free to add me so we can have a chat Damajoa#2894.

You can also check our recruitment post here or check our website.

Thank You

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I’m actually very interested. I’ll add you and ask a few questions!