[A] OR [H] 4K RIO Hunt/Multiclass looking for a new late night M+/Raiding guild

Hello, I’m on the lookout for a new M+/Raiding guild. A little bit about me;

My name’s Ash, I’m 29, from the UK and I started playing back in WoTLK on and off up until Legion where I began playing full time. I currently main Hunter but I’ve mained a few different classes this expansion as I like to change every now and then. Any class I play, I min-max and play at a pretty high level. I’ve focused primarily on M+ this expansion overall (currently over 4K RIO on my Hunt and 3K+ on my Rogue) as I haven’t had the time to put into raiding other than recently however Ny’alotha does not interest me at all (12/12HC 3/12 Mythic) as I find it quite dull. This isn’t to say I won’t raid in Ny’alotha up until the end of this expansion with the right guild though as achieving CE would be nice.

I’m currently an officer in my guild at the moment however going into Shadowlands my playing hours will differ to the majority of the current guild roster. I’m sure my guildies will have positive things to say about me as I’ve dedicated a lot of my time and effort into it up to this point. I’m looking for a guild that is always up for a laugh, has a relaxed atmosphere with no toxicity and elitism and an overall chilled out roster.

In terms of server and faction I really don’t mind as long as the guild is the right fit for me. I have 25+ level 120 characters across both factions.

Sorry for the essay however I hope it gives you a better idea in terms of how I am as a player. My links to the relevant character profiles will be below, any questions at all please contact me on Discord Slabby#7835


Thanks for reading,
Ash. :slight_smile:

Hey, if you’re still looking for a guild in shadowlands, please check us out !