[A] Ordo Hereticus - Social, PvE and more


Ordo Hereticus is a Social/Semi-Progress Alliance guild on connected realms of Azjol-Nerub and Quel’Thalas. We used to be a Polish-only guild, but now we have decided to open recruitment for international players also.

Our goals:

  • Remember, WoW is just a game. It is supposed to be entertaining, fun and socialising. We don’t force anyone to play - you play as much as you want and can. But when in-game, please be active and nice to other people. This is the goal of being in a guild.

  • We raid at Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8-11 PM CET. Our goal is to clear heroics and - if possible - aim to mythic in the future.

We can offer:

  • Players regularly running Mythic + and a decent raid team.
  • Active and mature players
  • Discord server
  • Webpage, currently in Polish, but will be translated to English soon.

Please keep in mind that we began our adventure in WoW as a Polish - only guild, so even though most of our players speak English, they need some time to adjust and get comfortable speaking it. Don’t be mad when you see Polish in chat - this is how we do. We will try to speak as much English as possible.

Also, we are a team of adults - we understand that people have jobs, families and private lives. There is no need to worry about being pushed to play. You play whenever and how much you want. :slight_smile:

In case of any questions, feel free to contact our GM or officers:

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