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Outcasts has once again opened up the floodgates for new members. We are a tight nit of friendly players that are in this casual. In Mythic + we are currently pushing 11-12 keys. We have done Eternal Palace normal aswell. We are a mature guild and aims to have fun. We want players that are at age 25 or above due to maturity, Can have fun and dont rage if you/we fail an encounter. We welcome all classes, races and roles, except for Gnomes. We raid on fridays and sundays and do m+ dungeons other days of the weeks, depending on who are up for it. (almost always). We dont treat this game as a second job, everyone has a real life and every member has respect for that. If you are interested or want to know more, either reply here or contact Nyfir in game. Have a nice day in Azeroth!

Hello I’m interested in joining your guild. I main a Resto druid I’ve done the first 5 bosses on normal would you be willing to take a gearing druid into your ranks many thanks in advance

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