[A] <Pandemonium> recruiting for all classes

[A] The sociable raiding guild for veteran players! [English Speaking]

Who are we?
Pandemonium is an Alliance guild based on Mograine-PvP. We are made up by a bunch of veterans from the UK returning to experience the joys of Vanilla WoW once again. We are experienced ex-raiders from Vanilla-WotLK and looking to progress through Classic. We have an experienced leadership team and members from across Europe. We are looking to recruit players old and new to join us!

We are currently farming MC and Onyxia, we will be starting BWL asap. We want active and sociable players who enjoy a good laugh on Discord.

What we offer
10/10 MC (~2 hours a run)
Loot Council
Experienced leadership
Fun, active and social community
Regular raid runs (see below for schedule)
Groups for levelling and dungeons
BG & WPvP groups

What we expect from you
Be on time for raids
Understand your class in detail (spells, rotations, builds etc.)
Be prepared for raids, research the tactics and bring consumables!
Be respectful, mature and an active member of the guild. (we only accept 21+ aged members.)

Raiding Schedule (Server Time)
Wednesday 20:00 - ~00:00
Sunday 20:00 - ~00:00
Monday/Tuesday (Optional)

We are looking for ALL CLASSES

Where to sign up - Apply on our discord: discord.gg/Nkr9f9A. We aim to respond to applications within 24 hours.

Contact us INGAME for more information:

Contact us on Discord for more information:
**8eebs#7922, Kryptiq#6615, Kintec#0230, Zymo#1156

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