A perfect example of running out of ideas

i never played the PTR testing for this season ( i usually do ) and when i was watching a youtube video from some streamer where they were rating M+ dungeons i saw this Magmatusk boss being placed in the very bottom tier i didnt understood why , but when i played the dungeon myself for a good amount i would say by now i would honestly say that its even worse than i thought .

this boss is a shiny example of devs just running out of ideas and putting random stuff together like making a seasonal salad and calling it content , i mean for real this boss is so garbageeeeeeeeeeee its immensely garbage that i cant even begin to describe how bad it plays out , there is literally no counterplay to how the boss will react to certain things literally …

unless your playing with an ultra coordinated group and your all on voice and you have a perfect idea on what your doing on that boss ( which even with that i have seen some high end groups deplete their keys to that boss ) you are bashing your had into a brick wall .

Gj blizzard you once again proved that you have no idea on what your doing beside just doing things and Collecting $ .

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every gaming company only sees money noone likes you as a player tho or do you think there is one? COMPANY IS COLLECTING PROFIT nothing else.


They don’t need to like us, they just need to treat us better as a playerbase. Some companies do this and thrive

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A boss being mechanically challanging doesnt mean the boss isnt well designed or out of good ideas lol.

It thematically fits to what ir does and how it behaves, its just a hard boss to get through, and as we all know. The hardest bosses. Always get the most hate.

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Just bait the swirlies towards the walls and face the charge towards the wall closest by, move away from boss charge location to dodge lava waves.

It’s simple, but hard asf when people don’t do it.

Who exactly?

SE when it comes to XIV

no they dont, need to say they are good at covering that up tho but they dont believe me

How exactly FFXIV treats their playerbase in better way? Pays your rent and provides therapy?

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I have played xiv mate, they doing a whole better than blizzard atleast lol

How u put this together? u drunk?, go sleep

well i played it also and tbh The story is thrash its mostly walking from the left side of the map to the freaking end of the world to just talk to an npc and then go back where you came from. not they really do not a better job immo.

i’m not good at putting words together in English, it’s not my native language.
Anyway, can i expect answer? No?

Do we really have a right to talk about story when we got what blizzard offers?. Yes a huge part of xiv is it’s story, u know what’s also a massive part? class balancing, no class has a damage dif of like 15%-20%, there’s no fotm. Also devs actually play their game, even yoshi p is a pink parser

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Expect a answer to what? not even ur job would pay for ur therapy

I simplified it for you, sweetie :wink:

Reverting 2B outfit butt size nerf. That alone solos anything bliz has done lol

vse ponyatno

No but content can’t be challenging anymore

It’s not even the hardest boss in the dungeon