[A] Perfect Illusion 3/10 H SoD 10/10MCN 5/10 N SoD Recruiting!

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to look at this post. We’re Perfect Illusion primarily on TheMaelstrom Server but now it’s connected to Lightning’s Blade, Deathwing and Karazhan! and we’re a Social Raiding guild that are looking for like-minded players that enjoy playing WoW in all of it’s forms. The guild has been around since 2009; We’ve raided every expansion a part from Cataclysm but we remain strong and a close knit core of players that strive to have the most fun possible and we focus on your life is your priority, if you have to go away for a few days or weeks, just give the officers a poke to say and you’ll be welcome back with open arms.

We have a policy in Perfect Illusion where you play what you enjoy the most, we don’t force people into a set role, If we have the space to accommodate everyone is welcome to try a new main, BUT it has to be a class you’re going to stick with. We like having a very fixed set of players for raiding, if you’re just bouncing between characters for gear because you can’t decide what to play, it’s gear that could be going towards someone for a good upgrade, so if you wish to make a new main, please be sure it’s what you want to do before committing.

We have a Discord where people are free to just chill and full of banter in there while they play, channels for all aspects of the game. You don’t have to be a raider to join the guild, anyone is welcome to join.

We are a very warm-welcoming guild and will never turn down a person, we have a spot for everyone, this is a home, a community for people to build new foundations and to connect, have fun and just ultimately do what they want to do in WoW.

Raiding [3/10 H SoD ] [10/10 N SoD ] [Preferably 215-220+ ilvl]

We raid twice a week THURSDAY and SUNDAY at 8.30 Server Time for 3-3.5 Hours, but we don’t force people to play past the required time, if you have to leave at 11:30 Server Time, just say and there’s no hard feelings! - We are striving to do Mythic content as there is enough desire to do it for the progression, we’re just looking for like-minded people that want to have fun.

We’re currently looking for 2-3 healers and 1 Mage preferably
Healers : Paladin, Monk, Shaman
Ranged : Mages

However we are happy to look at anyone that wishes to apply and we can take it further, especially any with OS healing.

Previous clears of recent raids ( Castle Nathria Heroic/Mythic ) is desirable.

Mythic Plus

We do have quite a few people are are always interested in Mythic Plus runs and we’re putting up events on the calendar for people that sign up if they want to do an evening of Mythic plus runs, usually on a Friday, but if more people are interested we can do more calendar events for Mythic plus or just when ever possible. :slight_smile:


We have a few people that are usually interested in PvP and we try to set up events for RBG’s and if enough people are interested we have a blast doing so, as it’s full of banter on discord.

If this sounds enticing for you and place that you can call home, feel free to contact either myself or the Guild Master.



Apologies, typo on there, at the bottom. Mistntoast Bnet Tag has been changed to Toast#23177

Officer of Perfect Illusion here. You can also contact me on Bnet with Sampo#2692

Just an update.

We are now 3/10 Heroic SoD and 10/10 Normal SoD

We are looking primarily for 2-3 healers ( pala/monk/sham ) and a mage or two.

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