[A] <Perfectly Splendid>

Hi fellow wow players,
Perfectly splendid are recruiting players for AOTC raid achievement and KSM in 9.1. We are a newly created guild which puts players needs and fun before progress. This is not to say we do not want to succeed but we all play for fun and this is definitely a priority for us. We are also looking to push some mythic bosses after we have cleared heroic.

We will be raiding:
Thurs & Sunday - 20:30 - 22:30 (server time)

We will also be doing lots of mythic + of all levels and welcome people who do not want to raid but do want to push keys.

We welcome returning players, veterans and people of all levels. Whether you want to experience higher content for the first time or want a more chilled out play style, everyone is welcomed with the respect they deserve as people. Our aim is to create a community which helps those who need it, we will never put people down for their differences and have zero tolerance for sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. this is a guild for everyone.

Depending on our raid teams ability we may push for some mythic bosses but we will most likely not be pushing for cutting edge.

At the moment we are recruiting all players for mythic + and any social players who just want to join in as and when as well as for our raid roster.

For raids we are recruiting:

  • Tank spots filled
  • 2 healers - Monk, Druid or Paladin (would consider holy priest)
  • Ranged dps - any class and spec
  • Melee dps - any class and spec

We will be aiming for a 10 man team to begin with and then we will add to the roster slowly as time goes on because we’re looking for the right people, not numbers. We have a very active discord where most members speak for the majority of the day.

We will need some time to build up our raid roster but for now we will be pugging people to make up numbers where necessary.

We truly believe that returning players need time to adjust to the new systems of wow and are willing to help people learn and join in and be valued. No raging, no ego and no putting others down. This will be something that’s heavily moderated within the guild.

We also have players interested in older runs, pets, mounts, transmogs. We have lots of people with alts, daily questing groups and just general involvement by all. We will also be making new people feel welcome because this is really important. But this is not something that I can say, I suppose. We just have to prove it! Because doesn’t everyone say that?

If you’d like some more information you can add me on battlenet Nighn#2194. We mainly play in the evenings due to family commitments but I am available most of the day on the battle net app. We don’t get loads of time to play and I think that a lot of people are in the same boat. So we expect people to make an effort but only within how much time they have!

Happy playing!

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