[A] Phoenix looking for more!

Phoenix - Alliance Casual Raiding Guild

Currently recruiting:
1x holy/disc priest
1 holy paladin
1x fury warrior
However, we will consider all applications!

We are Phoenix, a casual raiding guild making steady progress in Naxx (7 bosses down)

Our raiding days are:

  1. Thursdays - 8ST to 11ST

  2. Sundays 7ST to 11ST

  3. Tuesday 8ST to 11STis our backup raid day if we need it

  4. We regularly schedule AQ20 and ZG through the week as optional raids.

Some things about us

  • We want to enjoy the game together - steady raid progression with laughs along the way. We have steady but consistent raid clears and are really enjoying ourselves each time.

  • We operate a fixed-cost DKP system to distribute loot as fairly as possible.

  • We keep our recruitment to a minimum - so that we can get full raids but reduce the need for people sitting out/rotating.

  • We have an active discord server with a majority of our members long-term since the guild started.

You can find out more, and apply if we look right for you, by joining our discord or getting in touch with one of our officers for a chat!


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Please? :cry:
I need more friends to share my Roasted Quails with.

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Still looking for a hunter :slight_smile:

Also on the look out for another Holy paladin !

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Mage and hunter needed :>

Hunters and Mages are usually everywhere?! Where are you all!? Come raid with us!

Still looking!

Soulstone’s in exchange for heals! Best deal ever! Limited time only!

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Looking for a mage and healy plate man :slight_smile:

Recruitment open again for some more :slight_smile:

Will trade cookies for heals

Still looking :slight_smile:

I’ve upset all our current healers! Please! Somebody heal me!

:heart: :sunglasses:

Bumping for BWL clear! Come play with us!

Looking for more :slight_smile:

We have soooo much Pally and Priest loot dropping :smiley: Come join us so we can stop sharding it for at least a couple of weeks!

I am here once again asking for your raid support!


I might be interested. Holy paladin if your still looking. Add me on battle net and we can chat Waggins#2278

Brill - will get our paladin CL to get in touch!