[A] Phoenix looking for more!

Phoenix - Alliance Casual Raiding Guild

Currently recruiting:
1x holy paladin
1x holy/disc priest
1x rogue
However, we will consider all exceptional applications!

We are Phoenix, a casual raiding guild currently farming Onyxia and MC on reset and have cleared BWL!

Our raiding days are:

  1. Thursdays - 8ST to 11ST

  2. Sundays 7ST to 11ST

  3. We may also raid Tuesday 8ST to 11ST when required in future content patches.

Some things about us

  • We want to enjoy the game together - steady raid progression with laughs along the way.

  • We operate a fixed-cost DKP system to distribute loot as fairly as possible.

  • We keep our recruitment to a minimum - so that we can get full raids but reduce the need for people sitting out/rotating.

  • We have an active discord server!

You can find out more, and apply if we look right for you, on our website:
phoenixguild.info or get in touch with one of our officers for a chat!

Please? :cry:
I need more friends to share my Roasted Quails with.

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Still looking for a hunter :slight_smile:

Also on the look out for another Holy paladin !

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Mage and hunter needed :>

Hunters and Mages are usually everywhere?! Where are you all!? Come raid with us!

Still looking!

Soulstone’s in exchange for heals! Best deal ever! Limited time only!

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Looking for a mage and healy plate man :slight_smile:

Recruitment open again for some more :slight_smile:

Will trade cookies for heals

Still looking :slight_smile:

I’ve upset all our current healers! Please! Somebody heal me!

:heart: :sunglasses:

Bumping for BWL clear! Come play with us!