A Plea to the Zandalar Tribalists

Some small, colored posters seem to have appeared on the walls of Auction Houses in major cities. They contain the following ill-rhymed lines:

Beloved friends on Zandalar Tribe
Bear with me for a moment while I gripe
About something our server lacks
Besides more people and city attacks.

Remember, this server’s RP-PVP
And still the most lively where people RP
So there’s a small addon called TRP3
And that I’d like more often to see.

It’s easy to use, painless to install
Gives your char a profile and story
And reading those while waiting for a raid or brawl
Beats rearranging your inventory.

It’ll make the place more bright
And it might even inspire
A little exchange on a boring night
Or something to do before you retire.

In short, do think about trying it out
The more it’s used the more fun
For all of us still out and about
Under Azeroth’s sun.


Seconded, and well. Giving your character some story adds some colour to your game, and can lead to some very fun interactions.

You can find the addon under “Total RP 3” on Curseforge

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