[A] Potential (10/10 M CN), currently 5/10 HC SoD Recruiting

Hello there,

’Potential’ was created back in 2017 following the dissolvement of the guild ‘Nerve’. Recreated under new leadership, the following achievements were made;

  • Uldir - World 312 - (Top 100 Alliance)
  • Tier 21 - World 442
  • Tier 20 - World 800+

‘Potential’ left to go to Horde in 2018, under the new name of ‘Acoustic’ on Twisting Nether. But we all know how BFA turned out and became stagnant and disbanded.

However, following the 3 tier break. Potential is back in its own home place. Ravencrest Alliance.
‘Potential’ is reformed as a 2 day raiding guild.

We raid the following times

Sundays 20:00ST to 23:00ST
Mondays 20:00ST to 23:00ST

Raids might go over a bit said times.

Before applying, make sure you have the following;

  • Working PC - We get it, wow runs on everything, but bringing along your tablet that Moses scribed his 10 commandments on will not suffice.
  • A working microphone. Communication is important.
  • A brain - We expect you to use it. Learn the fights before we pull, know your class inside out. We have 2 days not 7.
  • Thick Skin - We tend to be not exactly PC here. I wouldn’t apply if you cant accept a bit of shade throwing and receiving. Enjoy the dark humour, enjoy the memes.

Currently recruitment needs:

  • balance druid
  • shadow priest
  • mage
  • restoration druid

Our application form can be found here: https://forms.gle/CgsVFSDzmhPufSn7A

If you have any questions, feel free to add me on discord: Fondorlat#9723

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