(A) Project Nemesis are you ready for us?

With Azshara’s Eternal Palace almost here Project Nemesis on EU Terokkar thought in these quieter not so calm times the way to bring about the Guilds evolutionary change is to be proactive and most importantly active and ready for the Battle ahead are you?

The ingredients for us are simple. Madness, mayhem, fun and laughter with like-minded people the rest is history consider us Group Therapy "Alliance Style" darghlings.

Let’s be the rainbow in somebodies cloud the rest is gravy.

For those of TLDR we send you moving pictures as we have no crayons :slight_smile:

We are not trying to conform to an unrealistic guild model passed down the millennia; however, we feel being proactive allows us to be the healthiest we can be in preparation for AEP that makes the foundation of good guild life more fun and enjoyable during this period of calm before said storm.

Consider us still working as intended version 1.0.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform, conformity is so overrated. Be the visionary you are entitled to be and become better through it.

For us we value the simplest but most precious BiS in-game that is and always will be Person first Avatar second, guaranteed (we usually only guarantee toasters)

It’s true you do not write your Guildlife with words…You write it with actions. What you think is not important. It is only important what you do.

Using our no nonsense gnomic approved no frills tried and tested approach we are looking for more guildmates in readiness for the dark times

The measure of our intelligence is the ability to change we think we do this exceptionally well and have done for so long now; guilds come & go like fashions and DPS, Tank or Healer flavour of the day.

Will never go quietly into the night?

Not likely

Have you got what it takes?

Do you wish to feel valued, empowered, appreciated, happy and comfortable in your own digital skin?

Are you content or do you desire more? Do you deserve more?

We’re looking for more of the "right" guildmates than to simple pad a roster quality over quantity so be you interested in Social, Mythic+ Casual or even Progression raiding it matters not, the first step is to be hungry for what is to come Drama Queens need not apply.

We may do foolish things tis true, but we do them with enthusiasm.

Raid Days are:
Mon, Wed 2100-2300 ST
Mythic + Tues & Thurs
Fri: Commumity events
Weekends Free for all

Happy to chat anytime, jeebsjones#2394 vist the guild website at www. projectnemesis.club

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