[A] Prot Paladin looking for cozy PvE guild for TBC

Hi there,

I’m currently leveling a paladin to get ready for TBC and planning on tanking. I’m a family man, so only planning to play during the evenings and occasionally on weekends.
I like to play WoW as a spare time activity and treat it as such. However, I am pretty goal oriented, and like to see progress in the form of boss defeats and loot.
TL;DR: I’m looking for a guild that doesn’t require vast time commitments, but still focus and play effectively (Raiding, HC dungeons, PvE).

Hope to talk to some of you!

Hope you find what you’re looking for.
Our guild already has about 6 people rerolling to protection paladin, so expect fierce competition wherever you go on this realm for a prot paladin spot (raiding that is, dungeons you’ll be fine).

If you really want a prot paladin spot, you’ll have to show dedication (getting pre-bis, attunements, etc.) and skill (seal twisting?) to outmatch any other prot paladins. I’m expecting a drop-off in protection paladins after some lose the raid spot race.

Thanks for the reply! I’m sure there’ll be multiple of each spec and class. It is a pretty populated server after all. :slight_smile:

We need a solid Pal tank on horde side if your interested :slight_smile:

We need a solid Pal tank on horde side if your interested :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer! I have too many Alliance characters on ZT to abandon ship though.

I’ve formed a small guild together with fellow levelers from several dungeon runs, and we’ll try to get a group together for tbc.

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