[A] Protocol - Recruiting Heroic Raiders

(Aravelle) #1
Protocol is guild of experienced raiders who enjoy clearing content without stress or drama. The majority of our members have many years of raiding at all levels (from casual, heroic and mythic progress)

Currently recruiting for raid team:
- Range DPS - Shaman/Priest/Mage/Warlock
- Melee DPS - Shaman/Monk
- Healer - Monk/Shaman/Paladin

We aim to clear content at Heroic level. Our raid schedule is 2 days per week, Weds/Sun 7.45-11 server. Occasionally an extra raid day (usually Thurs) is added during progression.

8/8 HC Uldir
8/8 N Uldir

Any officer or contact me directly Naora#2921 (please /w me if you are applying once I accept your request)

Past Progress:
Legion - All AOTC achieved
11/11 ATBT HC
10/10 HC EN
3/3 HC TOV
10/10 HC NH
9/9 HC TOS

(Aravelle) #2
Now 5/10HC

Lower geared players considered - we are happy to spend time gearing players through raids and high level m+

Social players also welcome.

(Aravelle) #3
Now 8/10HC

Still looking for dps, also a tank with dps OS and healer with dps OS

(Aravelle) #4
Now 9/10HC

Recruitment still open

(Aravelle) #5
HC NH cleared!

Recruitment still open for all roles

(Felnoir) #6
Hey would you still be looking for lower level players, once I am geared up I really you like to start raiding however I am not quite there yet

(Aravelle) #7
Ready for ToS HC and still recruiting!

Lower geared/social players welcome. Please contact one of us in game :)

(Aravelle) #8
2/9 HC

Still recruiting :)

(Aravelle) #9
Bump: 5/9 HC

(Aravelle) #10
Bump: 6/9 HC

(Aravelle) #11
Bump: 7/9 HC

(Aravelle) #12
Bump: 8/9 HC

(Aravelle) #13
Bump: 9/9 HC ToS Cleared

(Aravelle) #14

Still looking for the above roles as we prepare for Throne

Healer role currently filled but will accept applications

(Aravelle) #15

Healer role open again

(Aewass) #16
Hi. Do you need hunters for Antorus? I'm 930 BM w curve.

(Aravelle) #17
28/11/2017 10:37Posted by Aewass
Hi. Do you need hunters for Antorus? I'm 930 BM w curve.

Sorry for late reply - if you're still looking send me a /w in game

(Aravelle) #18
2 bosses cleared on HC first night in Antorus (3rd almost dead)

(Fallstar) #19
Tank and healer spot currently high in priority as are ranged dps.

Prefer player skill and a decent attitude over ilvl. Will clear nm this week and continue on hc after last 3 bosses with intent to farm normal to gear lower ilvl each week and hc for progress...

It's a good friendly guild with a good atmosphere during raids so please contact someone in the guild if you think you'll fit in.

We also like to farm m+ so gearing tends to be pretty easy

(Aravelle) #20
Normal throne - clear
HC throne now 4/11