[A]Provídence is recruiting


Provídence is a raiding guild thats currently 7/8 on heroic Uldir and we are openly recruiting new people. We are mainly looking for Warlocks for G’huun but also Monk, Mage, Warrior, Demon Hunter and Subtlety Rogues are very much needed for this fight particular.

If you want to join our raiding team we expect you to be:

  • A team player, who knows his class and the tactics for orb running

  • Item level 360 or higher

  • Use flasks, enchants, potions, and gems

  • Have a nice and patient attitude

  • Use discord for callouts/tactics

And last but most certainly not least: A bit of humor for during the raid.

We take raiding serious but we also try to have a bit of fun while doing so. If you feel that this is the guild for you please contact me on Snackbarry#1705 or react to this topic.

For the Alliance!!

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