[A] Purple Haze is recruiting! :) [A]

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
Purple Haze is a raiding guild currently cleared Molten Core 10/10 and Onyxia, our roster hosts amazing players most who have already played vanilla back in the days and new players who are experiencing the content for what it is :slight_smile: we have a main tank, raid leader, guild master, officers, core players but we’re really missing YOU into our ranks so we can progress together unto the up-and-upcoming challenges :slight_smile:
We are currently in need of additional Warlocks, Druid(A boomkin is welcome), Priest, Hunter

Our raiding days are Sunday - Wednesday - Monday at 19:00 - 20:00 server time
Loot distribution is MS>OS
If you are keen on joining or wish to learn more feel free to whisper me ingame or Artisten / Madnessbox / Thenoselord