[A-PVE] Fallen Dreamers 💤 - 8.3 Edition

Dreams fall… Some more literally than others.

Incase of doubt read the FAQ :point_up:

Hey all, we are Fallen Dreamers, previously known as V O I D, a casual raiding guild with a strong emphasis on community.

To make it all short we formed around the middle/late Uldir and achieved a 7/8HC progress back then, with several of our members achieving AoTC.

Outside of raiding many of us run M+ throughout the week or lvl alts together.


Added Thursday as a games night for… Not WoW lol. Currently just doing some SCP: Secret Laboratory, but other games are being eyed and spoken of doing at some point.


As a guild our aim is to work together to accomplish a common goal, as such we crack down hard on any toxicity occurring from our members. Our humor is crude and often under the belt or just making fun of whatever happened that just keeps making anyone laugh, such as that one time I accidently disbanded the raid group.

Everyone can and will be the butt of a joke, we expect our members to be able to handle that in an appropriate manner. We don’t want anyone to throw a hissy fit over a minor thing.

Raid days & Progress

Our raid days are Wednesday and Sunday between 19:30 and 22:30 CET (Server time).

Uldir: 7/8 HC 8/8 Normal.

BoD: 9/9 HC 9/9 Normal and 1/9 Mythic. AOTC+Glory

Cos: 2/2 Normal 2/2HC. AOTC

EP: 8/8 Normal 8/8 HC 3/9Mythic. AOTC+Glory

Ny’alotha: 5/12 Normal 3/12 HC


We currently do not have any specific class or specc wishes.

  • Tank spots Closed

  • Healer spots Closed

  • RDPS spots Closed

  • Melee DPS spots Closed
    We have currently closed down raid applicants, socials are still welcome.

While we do not have gear requirements per say, we expect you to be ready to hop into content at a comfortable level and be able to pull your own weight. This means actively gearing if your ilvl is quite far below the content we run, we’ll be happy to run M+ with you as long as you ask about it.

We do not particularly care what specc you play as long as you have fun. We do expect you to be willing to improve, learn and grow as a player, don’t be afraid to ask, we don’t bite (much) and will gladly answer any question.

While above is ideal scenarios, we do accept any person showing interest for a trial period.

The trial period is around a month, this allows us to evaluate how well you fit into the social dynamic and our raid composition.

Joining our Discord server is mandatory for any current and trialling member, as it is our “main hub” and where most communication goes on outside of raids.

TL;DR - We’re a tight knit guild with emphasis on a community consisting of quality over quantity of folks of all ages and backgrounds.

If we sound like a guild you’d like to join please do contact any of the following people:

Aldru-ArgentDawn (Aldru#2531) I will be the primary contact) or any officer Drael-ArgentDawn, Ekwost-ArgentDawn or Extraderpy-ArgentDawn

If none of us are online you can send an in-game mail to me, whisper a guild member (who then pokes any of us on Discord) or add my btag above and I will contact you as soon as possible.


Why the name change?

Our primary reason is due to people having trouble contacting us in-game, the /who function did not show us when attempting to /who V O I D, now however we do show.

Secondly we wanted to expand on the RP side of the guild, not to mention blend more in on the server than the edgy teen name we had before. In general we weren’t happy with the old name.

Stance on RP?

Due to our guild location on Argent Dawn some of us do RP(some more than others) and as such we do not tolerate any kind of disruption of RP from our members. Being caught doing so will result in a warning or removal from the guild. If anyone catches our members doing so, please forward screenshots or videos of said disruption to Aldru-ArgentDawn, in worst case scenarios you can request my discord and send them there, however my discord is not publicly available due to people stalking me in the past.
I personally encourage people to at least give RP a go, they might get into it or they may not but at least they’ve tried it.

Side-note regarding RP

Neither I, not my officer team will monitor what kind of RP a member does, we do however greatly encourage (and sternly so) any member who feel the “need” to ERP to do so in private and ideally not at all. Being caught results in either a very stern talking to a swift removal depending on severity and circumstances, people are well aware of a 0 tolerance of this from us.

RP theme(s)?

After some long discussing we’ve decided we’re something right out of a gamerpoop video. We do not have a set theme and prob won’t, live and let live and all that.

Do I need any previous raid experience?

No, we’ll gladly teach you the ropes of raiding. Patience is a virtue and it’s one we hold in high regard. We only expect an open mind and a strive to learn and improve!

My Class/Role/Specc isn’t listed, does that mean I cannot join?

No, by all means feel free to reach out! The list is more of a wishlist rather than a must-be list. We’re a casual mostly carefree guild, if you want to play Feral Druid or Survival Hunter go ahead, we’re already two doing so anyway.

Any age requirement?

No. Though I highly recommend being 18+ as our humor is crude and our banter even cruder.

Not to mention we /do/ have an NSFW channel in the discord, which if I find out you’re a minor you’re just banned from instantly. Y’all don’t need to see that kind of stuff and frankly neither do I but here we are.

Is Aldru bae?


If not bae, then what is Aldru?

A mess. A hot meme-infused mess.

more will be added as needed

We stepped into Ny’alotha normal tonight and downed 5 bosses.
Would have likley clreared more if we had more time.

Going into heroic to mess around on Sunday :face_with_monocle:

Starting HC out with 3 kills and almost nailling Hivemind, here’s to the future.

How would you feel to a poorly geared Demonology Warlock with a non exitent raider io score who doesn’t want to play the game solo anymore joining your crew?

And with above, we will be closing raid applicants down for now. Socials are still welcome, but we’re nearing the 30-man cap as long as that lasts :stuck_out_tongue: