[A] PvE Naxx progression guild Looking for More!

{Blood and Thunder} is looking for fresh blood! :japanese_ogre: to progress Naxx (currently 10/15).

This is a copy of my post on General Guild Recruitment subforum, but I figured it belonged here as well, plus it will not drown in forum posts after three days. Oh man, the Bloodfang forum looks like a desert atm. :cactus:

We need healers (esp. kawaii pinkboy paladins) and dps, but if you are an eager tank, we might find a place for you too.

{Blood and Thunder} is an English-speaking guild, although we are from all over the place: Europe, Middle East, Russia and our GM is a real Australian (that’s a long story). The guildies are both Vanilla (or later expansions) veterans and players who are new to Classic and even to WoW and we’ve been together as a guild since late 2019 :older_man:

Ofc our guild would prefer players who are ready to join Naxx raid at once, but if you have dedication, but lack gear, attunement (and perhaps some levels) - we are usually there to help. You will find that our guildies look out for each other. The remaining raiding PvE content has been cleared and is being farmed or regular basis, with emphasis on AQ40 and BWL.

{Blood and Thunder} is not “hardcore” :skull_and_crossbones: and has attracted a lot of people with chill atmosphere within the raid or guild. Most of us have families or IRL duties. However we are united under a common goal of clearing Naxx fully (before TBC xD) so we do our best within reasonable limits and expect the same from the new and existing raiders. Slakers are not tolerated.

We usually have our raiders come to raids with basic worldbuffs that are available to everyone (and are coordinated through the server’s discord channel). On particularly challenging encounters we require additional set of consumables from each raider. The guild-bank provides most of defensive consums and if you are really piss-poor then it can even help with some offensive/+healing ones.

The guild has somewhat flat hierarchy rather than a top-down one, we have a bunch of officers sharing and splitting the duties with GM and among themselves. This also means that we do a bunch of votings and work with feedback from the whole guild.

So if you are interested in Naxx progression experience with a bunch of chilled-out :man_with_gua_pi_mao:dudes and :angel:dudettes or want additional info – shoot a whisper to anyone from {Blood and Thunder} on Bloodfang Alliance, or take a look and contact us on our discord channel: discord.gg/nRRX9EvaeT
Main raids are Wed 20:00 and Sun 19:30 (server time).

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