[A-PvE/PvP] <Kobold Fight Club>

We have all the candles!

Kobold Fight Club is a guild focused on creating a good community, as well as maintaining well coordinated and close-knit PvE and PvP rosters. We do not consider ourselves a hardcore guild, and dislike elitism, but we want to ensure that our raids and premades are positive experiences for everyone involved, with a degree of efficiency and pushing content, but also with a healthy dose of fun and giggles. In many ways, we aim to be a “softcore” guild.

We are currently a relatively small guild, but with a wide set of backgrounds; some of us are veterans from Vanilla, BC and WotLK, others from more recent expansions, some have been active in the pserver community, and some are enjoying their first experience in WoW. Some of us have been active raiders in the past, others have been focusing on PvP, and yet others have had a casual focus.

We are currently building our PvE roster, and recruitment is open for all roles, classes, and specs. We will be raiding two nights a week, Sundays and Tuesdays. We expect our main roster to maintain high attendance, and anyone who raids with us to show up prepared and on time, but we do not require any specific raiding experience - we welcome anyone who wishes to contribute positively to our community, and to the server’s community.

We are open for players who may want to raid once in a while, but can’t commit to a regular schedule, to join us as subs. We’re also open for socials and for players who want to focus on PvP.

Not least, we maintain an open, lighthearted, and friendly atmosphere, we are here to have fun, enjoy Classic in all its aspects, and to make friends.

If you are considering joining us (and we hope you are!), and want more information, feel free to contact Nosar, Liyanah or Ghandelf in-game or on Discord.

Oh, and yes, we do serve [Gnomish Battle Chicken] ^^

Discord: GC2hnF

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