[A PvE] <Reforged> open the doors


Are you looking for a genuinely friendly community, that old school feeling where guild mates were people you knew well and counted as friends you could rely on? A place where people would quest together, help each other and spend time together because it was fun, where loot and exp were bonuses not the only reason for playing. Well, there may be a bunch of places you could do that, and hopefully one of them is <Reforged>!

Whilst is not an RP guild per se, some of our fun events will have a definite RP flavour and members are 100% expected to respect that this is an RP server and behave appropriately and respectfully.

So who are we and why are we making <Reforged>?

Good question! We are a group of friends coming together with some people from a larger gaming group, The Forge, to make a place where we can all feel comfortable, have fun together, and enjoy a true sense of close knit community, and we would like to extend the chance to be a part of this to other people on the server too!

We never plan to mass recruit, every member who joins us is an individual and hopefully someone who will become a true friend and member of our community, not just another number on a roster sheet or a tick box for a certain class we needed. That doesn’t mean we don’t intend to do all the game content, and do it to the best of our ability, we just have faith in the ability of people to adapt and work with what we have to overcome whatever content we decide to throw ourselves at! So yes, we do plan to do dungeons and to raid, in our own time and at our own pace. The raids aren’t going to disappear if we don’t run them the day they open after all!

So what are our general plans for the guild?

  • Focus on building a genuine community of people who want to actively participate in the guild
  • Friendships and people come first, ahead of pixels however purple or orange and shiny they are
  • Plenty of events ranging from fun and silly to organised grouping and raiding
  • Support for newer players to help them find their feet
  • The chance to become part of a wider gaming group with people playing multiple different games together
  • Experienced leadership with a history of baking cookies for guild mates (real actual cookies, not just cookie shaped pixels, although those are also good!)


With respect to raiding, it is definitely something we intend to investigate doing as a guild. We have as yet not made definite plans as to raiding days/times since that will be a decision for members to make together to suit people’s availability. We do not however envision raiding more than twice per week. I have raid led in classic so I understand the requirements for specific classes and specs for the different fights, and once we get close to that point, we will look as a guild at how best we can meet those requirements while still keeping true to the ethos of inclusivity and community which will always be at the heart of the guild. Loot will be run under a system of fair distribution based on rolls and whether you already hoovered up items that night or not, with the hope that people will be able to share the shiny pixels nicely like the mature adults we claim to be!

How do I find out more or even join up?

If this sounds good to you (or you’re hungry and want cookies) then please feel free to send a message here or in game to myself (characters Feiana and Rilla) or my husband Mortdredd (characters Lingthir and Shurin) for more information (or possibly cookies until he eats them all…)!

Guild discord: discord.gg/JmNjeRd

Oh I almost forgot, the obligatory wow guild recruitment spam thing:

Join our guild! We is haz tabard and guild bank! <insert leet speak here>

I’m sure it went something like that anyway…

Disclaimer: We currently have neither tabard nor guild bank although both are probabilities in the near future :stuck_out_tongue:

Calling Dad Friendly Guilds!

I think we need to alter the original post, thanks to guild contributions we now have a tabard.

In other news :
We now field several guild groups doing dungeons across verious levels every evening. Recruitment is still open to any an all classes and levels and skills as we are not at the point of worrying about raid formations just yet. If you want to know more hunt us down in game or drop us a message here or on discord and we will get back to you as soon as we see it!


The guild is growing nicely with a real sense of community. We have people running dungeons together daily, helping each other out with quests and class quests, grouping up to level together etc. not to mention a lively guild chat with plans to start running events soon!

We are still welcoming a few more members, and your level, experience with the game and so on don’t matter at all. We will be moving into endgame content as people are ready naturally for it, but as we don’t intend for the guild to ever become massive, there will always be a place for those who want it to do any content we run! :slight_smile:


Time for a quick update from <Reforged>

We are currently running the first guild event, a treasure hunt which is running all week, rewarding gold prizes and apparently some surprises to members who choose to take part!

Being at work through the weekdays I’ve missed this one but according to our members they have developed a “letter of the day” games , which is and I quote “leading to some amazingly convoluted and silly sentences and conversations in guild chat to say the least!” Apparently yesterday someone managed to string a 20 word sentence together with each word starting with F. So I’m inclined to agree

Obviously we also have plenty of regular WoW happening, Theres guild groups for dungeons, quests and so on pretty much all day with people really pulling together to help each other out with class quests or anything the lower levels are struggling with

We do still have room for a few more members though we are filling up fast with some really lovely people (and a few crazy oddballs, but we love them too!). Our Gnome population is in fact exploding, something I normally associate more with goblins…. At a guess some one either got them drunk or exposed them to bright lights.


So we have a full officer Team in place, guildies of all levels and groups happening everywhere from DM to BRD holding around 20 people active every night in guild chatting about… well pretty much anything (I liked last nights “cartoon that were awesome when you were a kid and hope they never remake”)

Why dont you leave a message here or DM Rilla/Feiana/Lingthir/Tufteputten/Swarley. If you cant see one of those names then just ask anyone in guild if we are hiding out on an alt and you may bet a virtual cookie as a prize for finding us.