[A][PvE] The Taverns of Time

Grab a seat, cuddle your lobster, and be prepared to enter…

The Taverns of Time!

A newly established guild and collective, created from the joining of several pre-existing and like minded collectives in order to foster and facilitate an improved sense of community, focused on raiding, drinking, petting lizards, ogling gnomes of questionable attractiveness and much more and debatably worse, is opening its doors for the first time!..wait, it’s too drafty? You want me to close the door again? Yeah, okay, sorry Barkeep, just give me a second here, alright…as I was saying…is opening its doors for the first time, and would be glad to welcome you in and count you as one of them, be it as a raider, casual dungeon- and taverneer, or simply as a lost soul looking for an always well-stocked bar and some friends to share stories with.

Its inhabitants spawned of the unholy union of a void-touched lobster, time-dragon infused energies and absolutely unrealistic amounts of alcohol, the current iteration of the uncountable multiplicity of the plural-singular Taverns of Time, existing at all times at the same yet fully at none, has found itself stuck in an era of this world the locals seem to call…Classic? Dubious nomenclature, that’s for sure, the stupor-filled Patrons of Time, of their namesake tavern, surmise; nonetheless, 'twas not enough for our heroes to be deterred, there was research to be done, and beer to be had…mostly beer, actually.
So it was neither before long nor surprising, that after another night of drunken debauchery under the guise of “chronicling the local hospitality”, excluding nothing, but definitely including an unnamed mage and his sheep spell, the jolly troupe found something…slightly…amiss after heaving themselves awake - their beloved Taverns, gone! Oft-drunk as they may be, yet schooled in the arcane even more, a simple mirage it was deduced to be not. Yet all the local eyewitnesses managed to procure out of the deep, dark abyss constituting the remnants of their sanity, be it born from the horror of what they witnessed or, more likely, being from still simply being horrifically intoxicated, were some questionable and offensive gestures combined with the words FIRE, WINGS and MORE BEER (although the foremost researchers among the Patrons conjecture the last one to be unrelated, mostly). Aha! A clue! And so the Patrons of the Taverns of Time set their eyes to…Blackrock Mountain…to investigate…yes, investigate, not drink, probably, you heard that right…and discover what really happened that one fateful night.

Realistically, we’re a guild and raidforce looking to solidify our roster for the medium-long term or even people not interested in the raid itself and just wanting to join a reasonably sized community to enjoy activities with.

Currently the main focuses of our recruitment are rogues with spaces open for warlocks and mages. We are currently full on healers and tanks. Exceptional candidates of any class/role will be considered.

Our Raid times are as follows:

Wednesday 19:30-23:00 and Monday 19:30-23:00

For Molten Core we have decided upon a DKP loot system with open bidding in an attempt to reward everyone for their attendance and persistance!

It has to be noted, that while joining the guild is preferable due to ease of coordination and communal life, we are absolutely open for people interested in entering into the raid or the community, but unwilling or unable to leave their guilds due to other commitments or preference to stay in their already existing guilds due to friends, RP, or any other reason, of course - we started as a raidforce, and a not-insignifcant number of our raiders still are splintered among other guilds as to their preference, at their own discretion, and guild member or not, every participatant either from within the guild or without is and shall always be treated fairly and equally to anyone else.

If interested in the guild, raid, or other lobster and overly sexualized time-travelling gnome paraphernalia, you may contact one of our ever-inebriated officers, namely: Xanjori, Mitsa, Keldor, Deionarra or Astypalaea. We can be found in game or on the HWL Discord!

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Stay away from my water essences in Felwood!

Good luck though.

Great group of people, come along and join in the fun.

TL;DR We’re the best and you should join us. Especially if you love pineapple on pizza… or hate it… either way!

Current recruitment focus is DPS! Mage, Warlock and Rogue are our highest priorities. All recruitment on tanks and healers is currently closed.

And we have Mageblade drops too, huge draw.

Current focus is Warlocks. But feel free to ask any officer if you think you’ve got what it takes!