🏰 [A] | Pyrewood Village | Bastion | Evening CET | MIDCORE

International, English speaking :flag_gb:, Family and Work Friendly, “play smart not hard”.

:european_castle: INTRODUCTION

Who are we?
A mix of vanilla/bc veterans (some getting long in the tooth) and friends picked up along the naughty server and more recently Classic era that love the original games design; looking to expand our company with like-minded people. A lot of our folks have jobs and/or families so our playstyle is tailored to make good use of available time. All experience levels welcome, we’ll guide you along the way if you are a wow newbie.

What can you expect from us?

  • A plan for all 5 phases to get through content with minimum busywork and max progress / fun.
  • A stable drama-free guild environment fully transparent on goals and function. You’ll never be blindsided with adhoc decisions or not know what’s coming next.
  • A competently run Discord / Guild Hub, daily and weekly guild activities and all the tools to facilitate getting informed and participating.
  • Social events, help with professions.
  • Monty Python and Douglas Adams jokes (but always up for some quality/effort memes) :wink:.

Where can you find us?
In-game at EU Pyrewood Village Alliance PvE Realm /who g-Bastion and ask for Council or the [Bastion Discord] https://discord.gg/WqqYBnF

We are an adult guild. Less in the PEGI18 sense (could happen occasionally) more in the low tolerance to salt / angst.
We try to keep to the spirit of the Classic mmorpg, we do not promote organized boosting or pay to gear in the guild. An adventuring company not a corporation.

  • Try to leave your RL bothers at the login screen.
  • Get involved with guildies.
  • Your solo time is yours, but be dependable after committing to an official guild activity.
  • Represent the guild ethos on the realm.
  • Have fun :smile:

:dragon: RAIDS / GROUPS
Our overarching goal is to clear highest difficulty / size content available in a timely manner. Lower sizes and difficulties for off-day, catchup, casual fun.
Keeping our Classic and BCC momentum going into Wrath on a strictly 2 day 6hr schedule.
Not aiming at breaking speed clear records but we get our clear times down to a comfortable level and take all measures they stay there.

  • Raid days and times are currently Wednesday and Sunday evening.
  • Loot System is mainspec over offspec ties resolved with EPGP.
  • Loot rules for Alliance / PuG raids on our Discord.
  • Gear/ Consumable / Playstyle expectations for raid content also on our Discord (reasonable minimums are set depending on highest content available).
  • Our main focus is PvE but we will get involved with the realm community and participate or run the occasional opt-in PvP event.

Currently looking for:
Ulduar HM and Future Raids

  • Boomkin
  • Warlock (Demo > Aff)
  • Mage (Fire/Arc)
  • Priest (Shadow)
  • Shaman (Ele > Enh)

Social / Levelling friends always welcome (could turn to raiding partners down the road)

See you in-game :unicorn:

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