[A] [Pyrewood Village] - <Blame> Looking for members!


Blame is currently looking for more members for our Naxx progression team.

Current Progress
Naxxramas: 9/15
All other raids fully cleared in their respective phases.

What we need
This guild needs a good injection of players after hitting a rough patch in recent weeks. I can’t promise you an easy, instant path to 15/15, as we currently only stand at 33-35 consistent raiders.

If you join me on this adventure, however, we could work together to turn this guild around and clear this amazing raid. The excitement that we would get from finally killing KT is my sales pitch to you. Let’s build this guild up!

We are looking to recruit 7-10 players, all classes considered. We only ask of you to be enthusiastic about raiding, to come prepared for each raid, and to be willing to follow instructions during raid time.

What we offer
The opportunity to enjoy progression raiding in a closely-knit group. As I said, I cannot promise you an easy path to 15/15, but the sense of acheivement after every kill makes it all the more rewarding.

Raid days & times
Thursday (21.30 - 00.00 GT)
Sunday (21.30 - 00.00 GT)
Monday (21.30 - 00.00 GT)

Other information
Discord mandatory
Loot system - Loot Council

Feel free to contact me in-game (Aralis#2285) or on Discord (Aralis#4402) :slight_smile:

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