(A) (Quel'Thalas) New Friendly 2 Day HC Guild LF More


Hi all :slight_smile:
Kill It With Fire is a 2 day HC raiding guild on Quel’Thalas EU which has just been revived after shutting down for a brief period. During our previous life we put together a nice little team of players who were dedicated to clearing content on HC level and doing other stuff together like M+, Islands, or anything else that took our fancy. Our progress this expansion has been 8/8HC Uldir and 9/9HC BFD.

Now we’ve started to rebuild the roster and it’s taking shape nicely. We still however require some roles to be filled. At present we are recruiting for 1 main tank spot, 1-2 healers and primarily ranged dps. The latest posts on this thread will have specifics.

We will be raiding Thursdays and Sundays from 8-11pm server time with the goal of clearing HC to get our ‘Curve’ achievement. Mythic raiding is not really something that is on our radar at the moment, although could be something we consider in the future if we built a sufficiently strong and stable roster and people were willing. M+ events will also be scheduled weekly so we can get folks their weekly chest, although we don’t generally spend loads of time trying to push high keys.

The most important thing for us though is to have a group of friendly and (mostly) mature people. We like to have a laugh and prefer a guild that is smaller where people know each other. The balance between clearing content well and having fun is what we strive for, and we did a pretty good job of this during our last incarnation.

We like to have a guild where people contribute and everything gets provided, and we’ll be looking to do that again. Feasts and cauldrons will be provided in the raids, we’ll have gems available in the guild bank and more than likely enchants for free as well. Pots will also be available from the guild at a much reduced price than that on the auction house.
We have a dedicated Discord server for raid and M+, or for just hanging out. We also have a raidbots link in the server where you can sim your gear. Our website provides links to raid guides and also class guides as well which we think will be helpful. Members can also make post on our site to discuss things :slight_smile:

Current recruitment:

Prefer Druid, DK, Monk but others considered.

All considered although resto shammy spot is filled.

High prio for mage and other ranged dps. We will consider strong melee apps but cannot take warrior or DH at this time.

You can apply online at our Kill It with Fire Enjin website (please google it as Blizz does not allow me to include the link here) or add the btag of one of our team below for any questions. You can also add me on Discord at Maxi#0222. Best,


Dodger#2127 (GM), Watson#21594 (officer), Lula#21159 (officer).


Hey guys, still looking for new players to join in our fun and relaxed raiding guild, especially looking for some main spec tanks, a healer and any ranged dps :slight_smile:
Contact myself, at Watson#21594, Max or Lu at Dodger#2127 and Lula#21159


Team taking shape nicely :slight_smile:
Still looking for 1 tank, a healer and preferably ranged dps. Melee still considered preferably DK or Monk.

Please add any of the Bnets following for a chat, or Max on Discord at Maxi#0222. Thx :slight_smile:

Dodger#2127, Watson#21594, Lula#21159

(Maxshocks) #4

Still looking for the following to expand the team and get into Eternal Palace!

Healer: Prefer Druid, Monk, or Pally. Priest also considered.

Tank: Prefer Druid, DK, DH, or Warrior.

Dps: High priority for Warlock, Hunter and other ranged. Also Death Knight and Monk. Other melee considered but full on warriors and DH’s.

If interested please contact Max using the details below. Many Thx :slight_smile:

Dodger#2127 or Discord Maxi#0222.