A question about selling WoW related stuff

(ok ok I wanted topost this in the General discussion, but for some reason the button the button for new topic is grayed out and I can’t post anywhere in the community , only here, but this thing is actualy more a question for the support,than community in fact)

Alright, I’ve seen many times people sell their stickers and so for like 5€ on various sites.
I tried to once do the same(for about 2€) but within 1 hour of posting on Redbubble I got copyright claim for Blizzard’s stuff.
Now I saw that 70% of people selling WoW stuff with for example Alliance logo or such, Did not type “World of Warcraft Alliance Logo sticker” but just wrote something like “Blue Logo sticker” and I am not sure is the reason I got copyright claimed for the sticker’s content( drawing of Anduin’s profile view with Alliance logo behind him) or because of the sticker name which literally was “World of Warcraft King Anduin Wrynn Sticker - For the Alliance!” …
Anyways my question is, what type of verification from Blizzard do I need to have to sell some cheap stickers on Redbubble, if I need to have any?
I’ve read somewhere that I need like that permission which is easy to get if it is about some cheap stuff. NOw I’m not sure and I also tried to contact back then one of emails I found for copyright things (i don’t know if that’s even a correct and related email) but I never got any answers so I’m asking here now.

Is it allowed to sell 1-5€ stickers that have my drawn WoW realted content?
How do I get permission?
Do I have to pay additional fees of those 0,20€ I’d get from a sale? lol xD!
But seriously! I need answers! Please do mvoe this if this is in a wrong spot

I think you should try asking this in the customer support forum or the general discussion forum.

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I was shooting this in the Customer suport, but It got posted here in the end it seems, About general discussion > > I still can’t post there, nor reply

Odd. Have you tried logging out and then back in the forums?

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