A question about simcraft

Have a question, do you use “dungeon slice” mode for simming your character in M+, or you just simcraft everything with “patchwerk” mode?


The answer kind of depends, but mostly it comes down to what you want to get to know from the sims.

For Fury Warriors, we mainly do our damage through cleaving ST. As M+ is a lot of Boss Health to get through, with quite a few lieutenant mobs, Fury Warriors often recommend 1 target sims to carry the most weight in your choice of data.

Personally, as a Fury Warrior, I do 1 target sim and a 8 target sim. If the 8 target sim tells me it is a lot better, then I consider using it during Fortified weeks. Mostly I rely on how Fury Warrior functions and the fact Fury warrior is more a focused DPS than blanket AoE spec.

Dungeon Slice I usually don’t use, not because of the numbers arent relevant to M+ overall, but because it doesn’t help giving me an answer to what is the best for the job I am brought to do.

If you want more details, on the how and why’s, I highly recommend going to Skyhold (discord) and ask in there. Those lads love simcraft and is always up to date on the how and why’s.

Hope this answered your question! :dracthyr_heart:

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Thanks for answer, I came here with this question exactly after skyhold, because most of people was using just patchwerk mode, and also told me about it.

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