A racial faction map of Azeroth

Hi everyone!! At some point I though it would be cool to have a map of Azeroth that pinpoints every race/autonomous group where they stand, so we could have a single visual representation of what geopolitical Azeroth looks like. I didn’t find any so I did this. I also included all of the neutral races and groups, so maybe we can guess which ones are likely to hop in the faction wars. Might also remind people of old fancy races LMAO. So anyway I did this for myself but I thought perhaps it might interest some of you guys (right click it and open the picture in a new tab to see it in full size)

The map : https://imgur.com/a/sBzdWqV
Locations : https://imgur.com/a/9ztITOj

A few remarks :

  • Orgrimmar is insanely overcrowded
  • Northrend and Pandaria are both heavily decentralized continents, so it’s home to many, many small independent groups. No doubt the Horde and Alliance would be very wise to go back campaigning there as they could recruit considerable forces
  • Funnily enough, almost all of the racial capitals on the two main continents (Kalimdor and EK) are built on the coastline facing the enemy continent
  • Both factions are extremely weak on the enemy continent right now. Even though the Alliance looks like it has a good grip on Northern Kalimdor, it’s almost all affiliated to Darnassus really, so if Darnassus is in a bad state…
  • Everyone has forgotten about Morgan’s Militia but my girl intends to build a brand new kingdom of her own right in the middle of the Blasted Lands like that’s a thing

Anyway I tried to be exhaustive but surely I missed a few things so feel free to correct me on stuff!!!

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It looks pretty good even if it’s a little cramped :sweat_smile: maybe it was better to make a single map for each of the continents?

A little detail about the Blood Elves, Sunwell Plateau and the whole Isle of Quel’Danas is fully under the control of Silvermoon and therefore the Horde now, the Draenei and other neutral members of the Shattered Sun offensive have left the region now or if they are still there, they are just there as workers to help the Blood Elves rebuilding everything. This was made clear when after BC the Sunwell Plateau was showed under the protection of the Ranger-General and Blood Elf guards only for the Quel’Delar questline, and also later Alleria had to go to Silvermoon and ask Lor’themar for his consent in order to visit the Sunwell. If it was still neutral she would have not needed his specific consent after all.

Also the Leper Gnomes slavery was only a single Blood Elf shopkeeper. Pretty sure after Lor’themar discovered it, he forced the shopkeeper to free them. That also happened during BC times when the Blood Elves were far more ruthless than now :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re right I should have probably done a map for each continent. I was curious about what a single representation featuring all the needed info would look like though. I might do it one day if I find the motivation

I wasn’t sure about Quel’danas, it’s said the Shattered Sun Offensive is still active there somehow but that the Draenei’s departure would make a lot of sense ofc. It’s not really addressed however, so I put it anyway with a question mark
Same with the Leper Gnomes you’re probably right, though to be honest the Horde still DOES practice slavery, but I can definitely see Lor’themar having put a end to it following TBC

Anyway thanks a lot for the Sin’dorei knowledge !

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