[A]Raining Blood [7/8 HC] Recruiting for HC progression

About us:

Raining Blood was formed by ex-Officers and Raid Leaders from various other guilds on the server in early 2018. With the goal of creating a social and friendly environment that recaptures the massively-multiplayer feel of World of Warcraft, we also intend on providing heroic-level raiding in a timely fashion.

Raid Info:
We try to maintain three nights of raiding per week.


Wednesday: 7:45PM - 11PM

Sunday: 7:45PM - 11PM


Friday: 7:45PM - 11PM


We’re always looking to bolster our raid-roster with active, consistent and reliable raiders. Currently, we’re looking to recruit the following classes: Balance Druid, Warlock, DPS Warrior and a Mage . We have a 15 man group at the moment and are looking to extend to 20.

If you’re interested in progressing heroic and regularly raiding - please contact the guild master on Battle.net or Discord:

Relapse#2502 (Bnet) / Relapse#7045 (Discord)

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