[A] Ravencrest Ret Paladin 6/9 - LF Mythic Raiding Guild


Currently looking for a semi hardcore mythic raiding guild with an aim for cutting edge.

I am a 35 year old male living in the UK and work 12 hour shifts nights and days at a nuclear plant. Despite my long hours and some night shifts depending on the raiding scheduale i will miss one or two raids throughout a 3 week rotation which is not too bad.

I am a highly dedicated player that likes pushing myself and playing as a part of a team which is paramount to me. I like the thrills of first kills and achieiving them with a guild that also has a friendly and helpful community.

I am mainly looking for a 3 day week raiding guild but maybe tempted to a 2 day depending on the guild.

I am currently on Ravencrest and at the moment i have no interest changing Server or faction. However depending on the quality of the guild this could be persuaded to change.

Character Information.

Ravencrest EU


Neck lvl:

Item Level:

Raid Progress:


Heroic: Clear
Mythic: 5/8

Battle of Dazar’Alor

Heroic: Clear
Mythic: 6/9


Heroic: Clear

Raid Days & Times:
I am very flexible on days of raiding although times i have a bit more of an issue. Due to my shifts i can only attend on my days off or my day shifts. But as i start at 7:00 i also finish at 7:00 GMT. This means i need to get back and have a bite to eat before raiding. So i am looking for raids that start at 19:30 and finishing i am very flexible on that front.

I am currently currently willing to listen to all guild that can fullfil and comfortable with my work scheduale.
I also have a Monk tank and mage that would also be interested in coming with me.


Currently i mainly focus on the chest weekly rewards but want to start pushing keys higher as i do have my hardcore roots from my early world of warcraft days when i was a fully hardcore player. But so far i have not had a chance to fullfil this and would like to with a new guild.

How to contact me

If you’re interested in having a chat and seeing if we can work something out please feel free to either contact me here or add my battletag and message me in game. While i am currently guildless i am looking to sort this out before 8.2 hits.


Look forward to hearing from you.