[A] <Reapers> looking for members

Hello there

So Reapers are at the moment looking for like minded people to join the ranks of a newly formed guild. The guild just recently startetup and as such we are open to anyone looking for a new home and maybe wants to help out in forming the guild from.

The focus is on having a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where there is room for everyone and end up being a big happy familie. Also we will build up a raid team for normalt/heroic and focus will be on having raid times which takes into account that people also have a life on the side. So yes people can’t always be present due to children crying and so on.

Also along the side we will explore every part of Azeroth and see what is has to offer will we grow and learn the ropes on how to handle the different challenges.

Feel free to hit me up on battlenet tag Sliebheinn#2665 or in game.

Best regards

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