[A] <Rebellious> is recruiting for raiding and keystones!

Hey hey!

As the title suggests…Rebellious (7/10 N) is recruiting!

Some information about the guild: Rebellious started out at the start of 2021. Most of us were members of another guild, but we decided it was time to move on, because we wanted to raid more and we were not a fan of the atmosphere within the guild. We’re experienced raiders who just want to progress in a fun (be ready for plenty of jokes) and relaxing way. It’s not our goal to do Mythic raids, but we’re aiming to at least finish Normal and to progress in Heroic.

We raid 1/2 nights per week & we also spend a lot of nights doing mythic keystones (often in the range between 5 and 14/15). There are no cliques within the guild; everyone is welcome in groups, even if they’re still behind gear-wise. Everyone is helpful, and there are often enough people online to help one another out, especially in the evenings and weekends. We often also organise a Torghast night once a week. In the end we’re best described as a social guild filled with people who just want to do events/raids with one another; we’re often on discord, even if there is nothing planned. The guild chat is active aswell!

We’re looking for:

  • Fun people who want to progress in a relaxed fun atmosphere.
  • People who want to progress in Normal and Heroic raids.
  • Players who love to do keystones (in the range of 0-15)
  • Team players

We’re not looking for any classes in particular; recruitment is open for everyone (we do already have two main tanks, but we are always looking for back-ups or tanks who just want to join for keystones).

It’s perfectly fine to contact us if you’re just interested in raids. Or just in keystones.

We do expect people to join us on discord when we are raiding or doing keystones with guild groups. No need to talk, but it helps if everyone can listen in on the tactics/mechanics, etc.

If you have any questions feel free to contact:

  • Hollipops #2348 (guild-master)
  • Alwayshappy #2978 (officer)

We’re always available for a chat :slight_smile:

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