[A] Resto druid 2/8 M & 2750 rio lf laidback progress on both

Hi all,

returned to the game a month ago and enjoyed the raid the moment we entered mythic raiding. Found out that normal and hc feel to boring (especially to repeat it every single week). So I am looking for a mature, chill and laid back mythic raid team. Ofc I know my class and have my gear, consumables, etc sorted… just not looking for elitists raging at someone making a mistake. Some nights I might perform a little bit less due to work / family even though I always put in effort to perform at my best.

Also interested in guild groups for further pushing M+ as I reached 2.7k and just am really tired of pugging the keys. One run I am the best healer EUW (I ensure you I am not!) and the other run people will tell me to delete the game and destroy my computer. Can’t wait to push keys with guildies :wink:

Hope to meet a nice friendly group of mythic raiders / key pushers.

Server transfer is possible in time for the right group of people, faction change is not. Raiding on wednesday is only possible if start is at or after 20:30.

Add me on discord (Wisnix#1124) or Bnet (Wisnix#21673) for a personal chat

Hey we are looking for one
We are 2/8 and we are looking