[A] Resto druid 2/8 M and 2750 Looking for laidback progress on both

Hi all,

returned to the game a month ago and enjoyed the raid the moment we entered mythic raiding. Found out that normal and hc feel to boring (especially to repeat it every single week). So I am looking for a mature, chill and laid back mythic raid team. Ofc I know my class and have my gear, consumables, etc sorted… just not looking for elitists raging at someone making a mistake. Some nights I might perform a little bit less due to work / family even though I always put in effort to perform at my best.

Also interested in guild groups for further pushing M+ as I reached 2.7k and just am really tired of pugging the keys. One run I am the best healer EUW (I ensure you I am not!) and the other run people will tell me to delete the game and destroy my computer. Can’t wait to push keys with guildies :wink:

Hope to meet a nice friendly group of mythic raiders / key pushers.


Hi there!

Could you link btag or discord tag so we have a chance to contact you in private other than here :slight_smile:

Yes ofcourse; Wisnix#1124 is my discord.


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