(A) Retired - Arathor/Hellfire: EP 8 / 8 HC

Retired’s recruitment doors are open for Battle for Azeroth!

We are an established stable guild who have been going since the early TBC, survived the Wrath of the Lich King, endured the marathon that was Cataclysm, tore Pandaria apart, retained our sanity during SoO and enjoyed the beautiful duration of HFC.

Now with the Legion officially null and void (til Illidan gets tired…) we are looking to firm up our roster in anticipation of raiding in BFA!

Current recruitment:

  • Tanks - at this point we can consider recruiting 1 backup tank, with a suitable geared dps offspec. We try to keep 3 available tanks on roster, to cover gaps in attendance. A Vengence Demon Hunter or Brewmaster Monk would be fantastic but all considered.

  • Melee DPS - high preference for Monk, Demon Hunter or Death Knight.

  • Ranged DPS - any flavour is great, can never have enough ranged dps!

  • Healers - currently low demand but will consider apps on merit. A Holy Paladin or Mistweaver Monk would be great but all cases will be considered.

  • We will also consider group applications if you are looking for a change with a friend or 4.

  • Please note that currently all dps classes and specs are being considered open for recruitment, do not let preferred specs above deter you!

Some info about the guild:

  • Retired is a social guild that raids 3 times a week, focused on clearing current content on Heroic difficulty.

  • Our raid days are Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

  • Other days involve raids for alts, slave fishing labour etc

  • Raids are from 20:30 GT to 23:15GT. (GT = in game time)

  • We currently use Discord. Being able to speak isn’t a requirement (though we like to hear your dulcet tones) but we use voice-chat as the main method of communication during raids.

We expect the raiders to:

  • We try to maintain a fairly consistent roster of raiders, so we prefer our members to try and maintain a 70% attendance to raids. This of course takes into consideration sudden holidays/arranged sick leave etc

  • Have the correct addons (Omen, DBM/BigWigs)

  • Be prepared. i.e. know the basic strategies, bring flasks, food. pots etc…

  • Ask if there is something you don’t understand.

  • Don’t take advice or sweets from Damson.

If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact any of the Officers in-game (Phaeton or Aurica.), catch me on Deegeejay#1390 or @battlerezauri

Or if you are interested, check out our guild forum www.retired-guild. org, read a bit of our history and make an application!

OP updated with current progress. Lets go Azshara ho!

OP updated, Azshara down on Heroic! Come join us for whatever comes our way on the horizon!

OP updated for current recruitment. 8.2.5 is here, and what exactly is Sylvanas up to? Join us next time in 8.3 to find out!

/mourn Saurfang

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