[A] Returning player lf peoples to play with - Retri Paladin


Im gearing retri paladin and looking for peoples to play with (healers please! :smiley:).

218 PvP ilvl atm, improving daily.

Im open to play 2’s and 3’s.

I am ready to gear other classes aswell abit later. I got okish geared disc priest aswell (retri is my main priority for now tho).

I want to dive deeper into arena in SL and maybe reach 2.4k next season (?).

I don’t care about your experience or rating (just have basic knowledge of PvP).

What im asking:

  • Be chilled and not a rager
  • Ready to farm conquest
  • Push rating after gearing is done

About me:

  • Rusty as f :smiley:
  • Chill and social person
  • Fast learning
  • Ready to do other activities aswell in WoW together
  • Oldschool Gladiator from S5 - 2k~ on BFA as healer - 2k~ on Legion as rogue - 2.1k rbg on legion

Feel free to add me