[A] Returning player LF social Guild

Hey guys…As a returning player (retired during Cataclysm) I´m looking for a relaxed, mature (20+) social guild. I´m currently mainly interested in checking out all the content i missed since Cataclysm, leveling my professions and unlocking the new races (Kul Tiras human, etc.) before getting into gearing up for Shadowlands dungeons and raids.

Heya there,
Unsure if you are looking for a big guild or not, a bunch of us both new and returning players started last week and decided to start a guild together to experience the game again at our own pace.

We seem to fit the things you mention I’d describe us as:
We aim to have a community big enough to run dungeons every night for those members interested, have people playing PVE & PVP, and are always willing to help people out if needed.

We got a nice mix of new and returning people and a belief that everyone should play the game at their own pace. If that means leveling lots of alts or rushing to 50/60 to experience shadowlands all is a valid playstyle with us. You’ll find like-minded people to play with regardless.

In short:

  • Everyone welcome, just apply here or in-game.
  • An active core group of members that have been playing MMO’s for years.
  • Absolutely no requirements or commitments, play as little or much as you want. many of our members have kids & busy lives.
  • Regular (daily) chill groups for both PVE and PVP.
  • New player-friendly environment.
  • Fun environment to chat and talk to friendly people. (Discord or Guildchat whatever you prefer)

If you are interested hit me up or apply to “Infinite Recursion” in-game. We’re playing on Horde side though.

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