[A] Returning Player looking for social guild

As the title states, I came back from WoW after a break during Shadowlands and are looking for a Guild. I started from scratch on Silvermoon so I don’t have any max level Characters. I’m currently leveling a Shaman, I want to play healer in endgame.

Hey, you would be more than welcome to join my guild Icefall, you can drop me a message in game Bowmístress or add me on discord Bowmistress#6677 :slight_smile:

Heya there,

If you wanted to join a guild also rising up and working on levelling/doing some endgame feel free to join us. We are only a few days old but growing at a healthy speed.

Feel free to contact me on Btag: Justrix#21772 where we can discuss this in detail :slight_smile:

[A] Soup Squad

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