[A] RIP vanilla guild Phoenix Dawn?

Greetings and salutations tumbleweeds and remaining stragglers of dear old ER!

With the not so recent announcement of WoW Classic and friends badgering me to jump on the nostalgia train, slowly but surely my thoughts have turned to those hazy days in vanilla; a better much simpler time where you could buy a Freddo Frog for 10p. Apologies, I’m blurring the lines of in-game and IRL here…

ER was my first server and with it Phoenix Dawn my first guild. I jumped ship many moons ago to join the cool kids over on Horde before that faction nosedived with the introduction of those damned belfs… Still I stuck with them and only dipped my toe back into ER and the Alliance once in awhile just to be nosey and see how my old guild (fan club) was faring.

Which brings me to Phoenix Dawn… A guild formed in vanilla; with each passing expansion there always seemed to be a smattering of guildees online holding the torch aloft. But to my shock and horror finally it saddens me to say with BFA this phoenix seems to have finally been extinguished.

So after much waffling my question is has Phoenix Dawn finally died? Can any remaining ER’s hiding amongst the tumbleweeds of this dying(?) server shed any light on my old guild? Does anyone actually frequent this forum? Any help would very much be appreciated. Or perhaps we could just talk? It’s very cold and quiet here on the Darkmoon Faire / Earthen Ring forum and the night is dark and full of terrors…

TLDR: Is the old vanilla guild Phoenix Dawn who housed ER’s greatest ever rogue dead?


I haven’t seen anyone from that guild in quite a long old while :frowning:

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