[A: RP] An Evening At The Forge

The last Friday of the month
8 P.M., realm time
in Ironforge, the Military Ward, by the Hot Coals.

Take some time off adventuring, work, fighting, saving the world… Come and hang out, share some news, stories, drinks, food, and whatnot.

Next one: Friday November 26th.


The next last Friday of a month, October 28th, coincides with the Annual Forsaken Ball, which I want to attend with one or more characters, so I probably won’t be at An Evening At The Forge this month.

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Not sure if the Evening At The Forge was celebrated last month - I myself ended up working late, and if I hadn’t, I honestly would have gone to the Forsaken Ball on an alt.

Hope Ironforge will be lively on the evening of Friday November 26th!


So, in a mere four days, we have an opportunity to sustain this great tradition again!


Proud of my relatively new flying license

(and grateful that my
Alliance/Ironforge / Order of The Silver Hand
connections grant me access to certain flying mounts/machines which would otherwise be unavailable to me),

I will try to provide some tasty treats.

This is also the last ‘last Friday of the month’ before Chr… Winter Veil, so I might be curious about people’s Winter Veil plans. :bearded_person: :santa:

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My chronically late alt- I mean, associate - is running late. Will arrive in Ironforge in about 15 minutes. Says he’s sorry.

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Forgot :cry: . I hope it was fun.

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