[A: RP] An Evening At The Forge

(After much absence I try this again…)

It is an old tradition of the realm, that the Mithril Guard invites any Alliance aligned individual to Ironforge, where drinks and meals can be had

The last Friday of the month

8 P.M., realm time

in Ironforge, the Military Ward, by the big circle of Hot Coals.

Take some time off adventuring, work, fighting, saving the world… Come and hang out, share some news, stories, drinks, food, and whatnot.

Friday September 29th.

(The Mithril Guard may not be as visible in Ironforge and elsewhere as it once was, but I want to keep the traditions - and social events - of our realms alive as much as possible.

…Even though I clearly am not the best person for that task, since various factors often keep me from enjoying Azeroth as much as I would like.)

Well, there’s a new last Friday of the month next week.

However, I think perhaps we should consider the possibility that maybe “everyone” is busy fighting Primalists or something, around the Dragon Isles.

I do hear there are many dwarves there -
and all the other races comprising the champions of Azeroth…

That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy beer and barbeque in Ironforge, though! :grinning:

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