[A-RP] Azure Dawn - High/Void Elf RP

"Seven thousand years.

For seven thousand years, Quel’Thalas stood; a beacon of elven pride and magical supremacy. We were the sun-blessed. And now? Our people are diminished; our lands lost to those that would ally themselves with the very beasts we’ve fought for countless years.

The fool Garithos has paid for his folly with his life, and yet now our ‘brothers’, the Sin’dorei, still ally with the vile Horde, allowing them to defile the streets of our rightful home. Twice they have been offered an olive branch clasped in the hand of the Alliance - first by King Wrynn, and then by Ranger-Captain Alleria Windrunner herself. Twice, they have spurned our offers to reunite Quel’Thalas. This can not stand.

A new dawn is on the horizon, and with it, the resurgence of the Quel’dorei."

Ranger-Captain Vythanir Everwood

About the Dawn

Founded by Ranger-Captain Vythanir Everwood and his sister, High Priestess Talirei Everwood, the Azure Dawn was created as an auxiliary unit of primarily High Elves, with the lofty goal to eventually see the reunification of the Thalassian people and and the grand nation of Quel’Thalas standing independant - albeit with strong ties to the Alliance - as it had been before the First War, and the Alliance of Lordaeron.

With the departure of Ranger-Captain Everwood, the Dawn is now led by the High Priestess, and assisted by Dawnbringer, Tethron Dawnspring. Ren’dorei have now also been accepted within the ranks further adding to the deadly arsenal at the Dawn’s fingertips, as their attention is focused on the Kingdoms north of the Thandol Span.

Rank Structure

The High Priestess The High Priestess is the leader of the order; responsibility for all elves within falling on her gilded shoulders. The burden of their continued survival is hers to manage, and she does such by dealing with all matters of politics and diplomacy. Alongside this she chooses where the Dawn shall set their glowing gaze to next, all excursions are planned for and decided ultimately by her.
Dawnbringer The Dawnbringer of the Azure Dawn reports directly to the High Priestess, advising and leading in all matters militaristic. His expertise, honed by centuries as a Ranger of Quel’Thalas is invaluable to the perseverance and success of the order.
Dawnguard A vaunted hall of only the most devoted and experienced members of the Azure Dawn; those that have performed extraordinary feats, and have proved themselves as integral parts of the order.
Arcanist Elven magi are renowned for their affinity with and devastating use of magic. Trained in a variety of the schools of magic, Arcanists aid the Azure Dawn both on the battlefield, and elsewhere with their other highly varying talents.
Guardian Stoic protectors clad in plate armour, the guardians of the Dawn are the order’s first line of defence. They are comprised of a diverse range of heavily armoured combatants, specialising in various disciplines.
Ranger Equally famous as the elven Arcanists are the Rangers. Elite fighters that battle from stealth and range, able to silently dispatch their opponents and disappear without a trace. Serving far behind the front, to ensure that every moment, every wagon-train, and every caravan is one filled with fear of arrows from above, delivering deadly poisons into the very logistical force of their foe.
Mender Without the Menders of the Dawn, the order would quickly fall apart. Talented elves trained in both the Holy Light and other less desirable methods, these elves are able to patch up their allies and ensure they live to fight another day.
Recruit New members to the order that have yet to prove themselves will find themselves in this introductory rank, where loyalty to their people and the cause are tested through a variety of methods before they can ascend.
Tainted The lowest rung on the ladder, those that hold this rank are not pure Quel’dorei. They have pledged their allegiance to, and their goals align with the Order, however they will only be known as Tainted, whether they are of mixed-blood, or void-addled. Ascension from this rank may be difficult, but not entirely impossible.

What are we looking for?

We are seeking individuals that are like-minded and active, and will aid in reaching our goal of becoming an immersive Alliance Thalassian elf guild. We want members that are both as excited and passionate about elven roleplay as we are, whilst also being able to understand that, whilst we seek to facilitate a realistic approach, we also prioritise fun and want to ensure that the roleplay we provide is just that - fun! We want to foster the guild community into becoming a group of friends that can have fun with one another, without any drama. To this end, we also have a guild discord that’s active, with members regularly taking part in other aspects of World of Warcraft, as well as other games and general banter.

What races do you accept? At this time, we currently primarily accept High Elves, OOCly played by Void Elves. Void elves are also accepted, though not in as great a quantity and not as readily as High Elves, subject to intense scrutiny.
What classes do you accept? We are currently accepting Warriors, Hunters, Rogues, Priests and Mages. Monks may be accepted on a case by case basis. Death Knights and Warlocks are not accepted.
What is your stance on new players? New players that are willing to learn, grow and develop their role-play are more than welcome to join; after all, no one is perfect and we’ve all had to start from somewhere and we all continue to better our role play.
Do you have a uniform? As a guild we have a uniform which we expect everyone to use. These uniforms vary depending on class/role/armour type, and details for such can be found in our Discord. They are necessary for events, but outside of events you are welcome to wear whatever you wish (within reason, please no black mageweave).
What are your attendance rules? Within the Azure Dawn, the broad team of DM’s do their best to ensure that the calendar is filled with various types of events on a wide range of days, to ensure that everyone will be able to attend something. However, we understand that real life does, and should, take precedence over WoW, and as such, we have no strict attendance limit - the only rule being to utilize our absence-system on our Discord, to let the DM’s know when you won’t be attending an event.
What sort of events can I expect? Events range from DM'd campaigns with a long, on-going theme, to one off training events, social events and organised RP-PvP. We work with a variety of different guilds across both factions, and even enjoy the odd OOC games night every so often.

If you’d like to join our group, you can do so by whispering any of our online members who will be happy to point you towards an available officer, or by contacting one of us directly if you see us! Currently, recruiting officers are Talirei and Tethron.

New forum-thread time! Unfortunately, we’ve been without access to the main post of our previous thread since September last year, and as such, have finally decided to stop procrastinating, and have reworked, and reworded our thread, aiming to bring it up to date with the current state of the guild. (Please let the old thread die xo)

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So this is our new home? I approve.


What is life but suffering? Q.Q

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New thread! Nice. :slight_smile:

I can safely say they’re the best high elf guild on AD. If you have to play one, joining them is probably a good idea.


Join us! (Please, I beg for menders ):

No but for real. -Amazingly- immersive guild <3 Definitely recommend!


Laurenn can kinda shadowmend, does that count? She gets it right about 40% of the time, but it’s okay… nothing bad will happen, I’m sure. :slight_smile:


These guys are AMAZING to work with. Think I’ve planned countless RP-PVP events with them, and they’ve always turned out great! Looking forward to our next set of skirmishes in Northrend!
Until then we’ll settle with burning down your lodge :fire:


Next skirmishes where now :eyes:

And stay away from the lodge you savages! :hocho:

For real tho, you guys are lovely to fight against


We’ll defend our lodge with nails and tee- ahem! … With sharp blades and refined magic, of course. Can’t wait to fight against you again!


Such a great bunch of folks, could wholly recommend for anyone seeking to try out High Elf RP! Sending our best from your stunted, feathery neighbours :beers:


Please send help. Need more fire mages to continue righteously burning the local troll populace.


Cool people, I rememeber how they made “friends” with us at the pilgrimage of trolls.


Heard good things! I recommend trying them out if you wish to dip in the Quel’dorei RP!


Gonna recommend the guild to anyone who is curious about trying out Ren/Quel’dorei RP. It’s hard to be bored here. :>


More elves for the slaughte… I mean you should totally join this band and then we’ll give you a congratulaty knife-in-the-ba… I mean hug!



We always wish our kin the very best, even if we lament they didn’t join the Silver Covenant :wink:

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Filthy dirty, horrible Elvies.

Good RPers. But horrible Elves!
But done great RP PvP with these guys and is all good times! Great to communicate with OOCly too.


Awesome peeps to RP with, always great encounters and a pleasure to plan stuff with OOCly as well.

You get a Gurubashi seal of approval :skull: