[A-RP] Azure Dawn - High/Void Elf RP

As the days drag on, the focus of the Dawn turn back to internal matters, and their home in the Hinterlands.

Regular hunting parties leave the Lodge, restoring the heavily depleted winter stores of Quel’danil with fresh meat, both local, and exotic - additonally, wagons have been brought up from Arathi bearing grain, milk, and eggs.

The Dawn stand strong, and continue to expand and serve their adopted home, while still seeking more elves to join their cause.


Hey, just moved to AD from a friendly social guild as I would like to get back into rp after a very, very, long break. I’m definitely Velf rather than High Elf though and my lore might be a bit shaky to start. Had a great chat with Deportee and they suggested I post here, hope to catch you in game for a chat. Thanks, Kal.


Joined yesterday, first event today - great bunch of guildies and a really fun event! If you’re looking for a friendly rp guild for your Ren’dorei or Quel’dorei, this could be the guild for you.


And I took that personally :dagger:

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Over the last few days, the Dawn have clashed, time and time again, with a splinter of the Cult of Damned. With the threat put to rest, calm had only just managed to settle over Quel’Danil, before a messenger bearing troubling words approached from the south. Now, they arm themselves, preparing for the difficult times ahead.

If you’ve been looking to get your quel/ren’dorei in the guild, now’s the best time, as we only have one week left around Quel’Danil/Stormwind before shipping off toward more pressing matters!


After three days of difficult, bitter fighting in the ruins of the Eastweald, the Azure Dawn now return to friendlier pastures. Returning to Highvale via portal - and one artefact lighter, they will now spend the next few days licking their wounds, and bolstering their roster - before seeing to a far more cheery deployment.
Bound for Pandaria, to partake in the Grand World Tournament.

As always, a huge thank you to:
The Thalassian Skyguard: [Belf-RP] Thalassian Skyguard 🐲 - #251 by Aelevie-argent-dawn
and Bladewing: [H-RP] Bladewing - #69 by Erandith-argent-dawn

For being great sports, and providing thoroughly enjoyed RP-PvP for us. We look forward to whatever the future holds!

Likewise, if YOU would like to partake in cool fights pitting elf against elf, find us in Stormwind, and come find a new home for your ren/quel’dorei!


Today marks the official 1 year birthday of the Azure Dawn!

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but we’ve made it through a few changes (for the better I hope!) and have come out the other side as strong as ever. A big big thank you to all my guildies, a wonderful friendly core that we’ve built up, and a thank you to the guilds we’ve worked with in this first year that have made it truly memorable.

I’d also like to take this moment to especially thank my main officer - Tethron. He was promoted in August last year under the previous leadership, and has been a great constant in keeping the guild going ever since. We wouldn’t still be here if it weren’t for him and his contributions.

We return home from the World Tournament this evening for a week of resting before our next campaign in June, so if you’d like to contact us you’ll find us in Stormwind or Quel’Danil in the Hinterlands as usual!

Edit: This transmog does not look good in the portrait damn


Happy birthday Azure Dawn! Love to see this guild blossom!


Happy birthday, Azure friends! :slight_smile:


But…but… My thighs need air. Jokes aside, happy belated 1 year! :3 Might check you guys out if my WoW urge returns with 9.1!


Last night, the Dawn set off for Azsuna with a short, albeit wierd, task in mind.
New mounts are to be secured - something closer in appearance to their ancestral choices, and their place along the faction divide bar them from acquiring both dragonhawks, and hawkstriders.

As such, they have set off to acquire the Azsuna Coursers - hoping to find an untainted stock among the ancient beasts.

After a much-needed period of rest and relaxation, the Dawn are back in full swing! If you’ve been looking to get your high, or void, elf involved with others - now’s the best time! For, as soon as this bout of horse-wrangling is over, another, more intense deployment awaits!


The Dawn have returned to the Lodge, new mounts in tow, and new connections made across the Great Sea, and, as spring turns to summer, they’ll remain by the Lodge, enjoying the best game the Hinterlands has to offer, and undertaking the minor tasks that may appear on the horizon. As always, we can be found in the Hinterlands, Stormwind, or potentially in Dalaran during market days!


Am I allowed to visit, now that I’m on the right side? Or will I be slain by Talirei’s cutting words? :worried:

kill talirei


Another great bunch of folks worth meeting or rping with on the realm!

Congrats on the new customizations! This will make Roleplaying High elves more believable.


Some hairstyles got the tentacle toggle. But it’ll look great, especially for longer hair styles.

Should probably post a message here rather than disappearing off the face of the earth!

Azure Dawn is on a hiatus from the game right now, due to the state of the gameplay in general, amongst other reasons. If people would like to chat to us/reach us, our discord is open and still fairly active https://discord.gg/4er2TByaNy. Please pop by to say hello if you feel like it!

(Also new hair colours is p sweet)


I’m glad it’s only temporary. This guild is really creative and I like it’s situated in Hinterlands. Take all the time you need :heart:

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A very interesting read! I hope you’ll be back soon, the more elves the better!

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