[A-RP Event] Alliance Free Company Public Forum

The Alliance Free Company has dedicated itself to the safety and well being of the citizens of Stormwind, but as a militia group we are answerable and accountable to the people of Brightwood. As such on the saturday following this one Lieutenant Raelin be holding a public forum to report on our activities and the wider state of the alliance, along with hearing out the townsfolk of Brightwood who have been so generous as to provide for us, along with the wider alliance.

Captain Torviksen will be present to hear out all matters and issues addressed by the forum. For all concerned parties and citizens who have issues that they which to be addressed, or simply for those who which to hear a report of our activities and those that concern us from across the wider alliance, please attend. Lord Ello Ebonlocke has been ever so generous as to allow us his own Town Hall as an audience chamber next Saturday, December the 7th, at 7pm

Date and Location: December 7th, 19:00 server time. Darkshire Town Hall.
Contacts Lieutenant [Ahskuh] Raelin and Captain [Trovakt] Torviksen

Event is open to everyone, all attendance encouraged! Show up early and socialize and get to know people, stay after and socialize more so you get to know even more people!


The following letter is addressed Captain Torviksen of the Alliance Free Company. Its seal is made out of an anonymous grey wax, on the surface can be made out a series of symbols that can only be understood as a collection of stars above a cloud.

Dear Captain Torviksen.

Developments have been made in regard to the findings we secured during our joint expedition some two moons ago. They are not of the positive kind. Through the aid of the Kaldorei, we have found that the Worgen curse has been altered by powerful dark magic. By what hands we still do not know, but I am adamant in my efforts to see this phantom threat unveiled. More importantly, I believe to know where best to start.

A moon ago we dismissed a lasting disruption of the ley-convergence underneath the Wizard’s Sanctum of Stormwind. Our ritual was oppossed by whoever was behind the effort, and in their reckless opposition an opening presented itself. We managed to spy parts of their agenda. Whoever they are, they will soon attempt an incursion into the lands of the Kaldorei. They are searching for something, an artefact of some kind. I wish to enlist your aid in an endeavor to see their retrieval of said artefact prevented. Having been called to Darnassus for the upcoming summit, we ought to make the most of our stay in Kalimdor. I am eagre to discuss this matter more closely with you and your advisors before departing to the elven lands.

Rest assured that I have already forwarded this issue to the Kaldorei themselves.

Yours sincerely.
Leonir Whiteholdt
Master Diviner of the Wizard’s Sanctum


Looking forwards to it!

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Just wow! I want to thank everyone who showed up and attended the event but that orderly forum certainly escalated quickly! I hope everyone had a wonderful time, I was very happy at the turnout and I really hope you all attend our next forum, same time and place (so long as Lord Ebonlocke still allows it) next week!

As some final notes Id just like to remind everyone that we all come from different levels of experience and backgroung with RP, and its important to be understanding and amicable of how others want to resolve things (even when it gets a bit chaotic!). But this really all does boil down to mutual playing pretend, and the only real rule in any situation no matter it’s resolved is consent, both to the outcome and the method used to reach that outcome!

Ty to you all a bunch, I really hope to you see you all again next week!


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