[A-RP] Lordamere Rangers


Part of the Survivors of Lordaeron group

The days of the Year 25, 617 by the King’s Calendar, were begun, and the days of demons were passed, marked by murder uncounted, and the rise of the Lich King. Thus were left the ruins preserved in memory, made further damaged and decayed, and the barren fields of the long dead in bitter night. Lost and silent was the City of Men, and men will remember it – Lordaeron!

The Lordamere Rangers is a RP-PvP guild tailored around a band of kingless rangers that travel about the Eastern Kingdoms, shaped by the conditions of their realm of origin; Lordaeron, and the famous Lordamere Lake that lay dividing many a land of Men in the days of the Seven Kingdoms. Moving about from worn hideouts and old enclaves, to sleep under thatched roofs or open skies, the rangers hone their proficiencies to live and survive in the wilds, their skills in archery, to battle their deadliest enemies; the Undead.

It was the bloated heartland stabbed by a long knife and then another, and at it’s forlorn divide of east and west, there lay two great bodies of water, one of which, was Lordamere, the vast freshwater lake with whom several of the kingless realms had once aligned. South-and-west; the silver pines, North; the lament of Lordaeron, surrounded by great walls of stone.

What do we do?
The guild’s main focus will be in seeing its members develop their skills as rangers, from foraging to hunting, to watching over the spoilt Lordaeron lands and protect the living survivors of their old home. The rangers will more often than not find themselves in hostile domains, where they must tread carefully, or be reduced to mere sacrifices in the war against the Lich King.

From Arevass to Thondroril, from the West and to the East they ranged, leaving footprints drawn in the vellum of time and drawing the black blood of any dark Undead on their path.

Who can become a Lordamere Ranger?
The Lordamere Rangers is a guild of humans, originating in the lands of Lordaeron. Keeping within such a theme, a person who joins the rangehood, may be of joined motives, a due hatred of the Horde and the cursed Undead, or merely one seeking the life of a ranger; bereft of fortune and fame. A Lordamere Ranger of this time, is a survivor of the frigid lands of those northern Eastern Kingdoms, and adapts to subtleties, cunning, and archery, ofttimes devious poisons and means to hunt and hide. This RP-Class is often the most suitable for a rogue.

Previous iterations & the timeline
Some may remember the retail presence of the Lordamere Rangers for a few months’ time on Argent Dawn-EU. While the guild’s story had its development during the retail version of the game, the rangers of Hydraxian Waterlords-EU will consist of different characters and in the sense of the alternation of the times, they are in no way restricted to end up at the status quo of where the retail iteration began.

How to contact us
Seek us out in-game!

For more information: have a look at our official Player’s Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fyDn5FdEF6ihhmZaK3iABuwoiDxlqsr6pArYt3XGxWk/edit

The Guild Index

Journey across the Thandol Span and beyond the olden fields of Arathor, until you pass Thoradin’s ancient wall. Upon those northern foothills, wealds and marshes the rotters roam, slaughtering and marauding.

The Dark Days came, and mankind dispersed.

Yet some remained vigilant.

These men donned coats of grey and held longbows of the darkest pine, alongside quivers of feathered bodkins and sharpened blades of choice. Naught was left in their wake but forlorn tracks upon the meadows, deep in the vast wild, and iron-clad skeletons wrought with broken arrows.

King and Kingdom was all but gone, though something remained.

Courage in the heart of Man, and a glimmer of hope.


One of the coolest bunch around, enjoyable interactions in past. :heart:


Nightfall: 25-09-18
As the sun descended from the red skies and a nightly darkness breathed out the vast empty kingdoms, a band of Men set forth from Southshore, wielding bow and blade. Far out, beyond the western strands of the Lordamere Lake, these trackers went, from the black woods of Silverpine, to the forsaken lands of Tirisfal. Light on their feet, the rangers would round up any human survivors of the Scourging come their way, and bring those haggard souls to the safety of the green Hillsbrader fields; the haven and last bastion of the Old Lordaeron. Out of a handful of the displaced, only one survived that dangerous journey, and was brought to the coastal hamlet in one piece. Those not so fortunate, would come to the Last of Lordaeron, only for last rites, and a dignified burial.

With the guild’s first event in Classic times now behind us, we look forward to seeing new people up there in the RP-scene!


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